A 12-Week Plan For Transforming Your Body And Your Life
McGraw-Hill, 2003.

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Uncommon Guidance for Those Who Fall Short of Their Diet and Exercise Goals

Although there's no shortage of books that offer advice about getting in shape, there are none that address the real hidden blocks that will often prevent your success. When Working Out Isn't Working Out is a cutting-edge fitness guide, geared to supply the clues you need to reveal and move past UFOs (Unidentified Fitness Obstacles). By providing a wealth of little known facts and self-diagnostic tests, this book helps you find the missing links in your quest to be optimally fit, including:

  How family and cultural influences can affect how you view getting fit

  How food and chemical allergies limit your energy, weight loss, and strength

  How common disorders (SAD, ADD, depression, etc.) can often be UFOs

  How your emotional history can be a barrier to improved health

  How diet and exercise fallacies can keep you from reaching your goals...and much, much more!

Published 1999, St. Martin's Griffin, New York, NY.
A One Spirit Book Club Selection.