"Are you less than satisfied with the results of your current health and fitness program? Have you been feeling frustrated or ashamed about your apparent inability to change your body? If so, don't walk — jog to your local bookstore and peruse this new book by exercise physiologist and counseling psychotherapist Michael Gerrish, M.S.

The book begins with an illuminating self-test that allows you to figure out which "Unidentified Fitness Obstacles" (UFOs) are implicated in your challenges. It then explains to what extent these UFOs are likely affecting your fitness pursuits and how to go about overcoming them. From hormonal imbalances, sleep deficits, amino acid deficiencies and leaky gut syndrome to overtraining, undertraining, perfectionism and snack amnesia, Gerrish digs into more than 50 common fitness obstacles. More importantly, he actually helps you rank your own UFOs, see how they relate and then develop a plan for vanquishing them once and for all.

Gerrish delivers smart, detailed instruction on developing a well-rounded exercise, eating, and total wellness program (so you get to skip over the mistakes most folks make). The book also documents the mind-body makeovers of seven real-life people who successfully completed the book's 12-week life-transformation plan. Reading their open journal entries - and Gerrish's responses — is both inspiring and comforting (you get to see what it looks like when people fall off the program and how they get back on). If you want to get your health and fitness back on the right track, you couldn't ask for a better guide."
Experience Life
Reading List
May/June 2003

"Discovering my fitness obstacles changed my life. The 22-pound weight loss that came along with it was just the icing on the cake."
Melody Goodhue (When Diet and Exercise Aren't Enough), Women's Health & Fitness, July, 2004

"(This book) helped me identify things I never realized had any connection to my weight. In the first week (on the program) I lost six pounds! Today I'm down two dress sizes (23 pounds) and in great health. Now I don't have to kill myself at the gym to get my body to respond. I've cut back on my exercise, yet I'm looking and feeling better than ever!"
Lisa Smith (Cover Model), Women's World, Feature Story, February 3, 2004

"Groundbreaking... the first book to address all — and we mean ALL — of the mental and physical obstacles that prevent people from getting in shape. This plan just might be your breakthrough, too."
Body & Soul, September/October, 2003

"The Mind-Body Makeover Project may be the consummate health book for 2003. It's obvious the author is experienced and it's refreshing that he doesn't overwhelm the reader with 'technispeak.' Answering the sets of questions (re: Unidentified Fitness Obstacles) are worth your time. The results can be most revealing."
Empowered Parenting E-Zine
(EmpoweredParent.com), April, 2003

"If you're tired of the multitude of advice books on how to work out or lose weight that over promise and don't deliver, here's one that just might work. In The Mind-Body Makeover Project (McGraw-Hill, $22.95) fitness guru Michael Gerrish doesn't mince words. A 12-week makeover plan begins with a list of no less than 58 "UFO's" (Unidentified Fitness Obstacles) revealed in the form of a comprehensive test. Having identified his or her individual problem, the reader is directed to address such obstacles through recommendations and helpful books and websites. The plan then moves into action with an easy-to-learn exercise program that can be performed at a gym or home, plus nutritional guidelines. Last, in a reality-based chronicle, seven "fitness-impaired" individuals are closely monitored as they proceed through the makeover project. Personal journal entries candidly register successes and setbacks as the participants proceed. It's quite a revelation."
FrequentFlyer.com (The OAG, Official Airline Guide),
April 2003

"Recommended for people who struggle with weight loss and are ready to look at the bigger picture."

"The Mind Body Makeover Project" is a pithy and nicely packaged guide that takes a whole body (and mind) approach to fitness and health. This book is gentle, positive, and full of good, sound advice. While there's no shortage of books to help you make yourself over, this very good looking and comprehensive guide is one of the better ones."
The Compulsive Reader, March 2003

"Creating and maintaining a strong healthy body and mind is the cornerstone for a maximally happy and successful life. The Mind Body Makeover Project will help you accomplish this process with loving kindness and skill."
Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of the New York Times bestsellers 'Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom' and 'The Wisdom of Menopause'

"So many of us want to lose weight and get fit but there's a serious slip between the cup and the lip. In this phenomenal new book you'll finally discover what stands between you and the healthy self waiting to emerge. Not only is this program body changing, it's life changing!"
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of the New York Times bestseller 'Minding the Body, Mending the Mind'

"Original, comprehensive, and provocative, this groundbreaking book will challenge all of your current notions about the best and fastest ways to get fit. It offers solutions for problems most people don't even know they have! Read it and reap!"
Debbie Ford, author of the Number One New York Times Bestseller, "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers"

"The Mind Body Makeover Project takes an individualized and integrative approach to losing weight and creating optimum health. It's refreshing to see that a fitness expert has finally addressed the intimate connection between our mind, body, emotions, and lifestyle choices. Gerrish's well-rounded, sensible approach is the only true way to create long-lasting health and wellness."
Tracy Gaudet, M.D., Director of the Duke University Center for Integrative Medicine

"Can't get to the heart of your exercise resistance? Need help to overcome excuses? Check out Michael Gerrish's excellent book, When Working Out Isn't Working Out. The author, a certified trainer and a psychotherapist, details UFOs (Unidentified Fitness Obstacles) in every area (physical, biochemical, nutritional, and psychological) and provides sound and realistic advice on how to overcome them. This is the book to pick up if you really want to get moving."
Deby Harper, The Fitness Co., Scottsdale, Arizona

"If you're having trouble committing to a regular program of exercise, this book will help you identify why. An excellent book for renewing your enthusiasm for exercise. It could be exactly what you need to lift you out of your rut."
Essential Reading List, Online Personal Trainer, Co., U.K.

"Gerrish suggests ways to overcome unidentified fitness obstacles (UFOs) in a light and often funny writing style. This is an incredibly useful book if you're having difficulty getting motivated to pursue a fitness lifestyle, or, if you aren't getting the desired results, no matter what you try. This book offers many excellent solutions."
All Spirit Fitness, March 2003

"As a fitness writer - I just reviewed this book for Shape magazine - I have a whole library of books on the subject, most of which never get a second glance. Mr. Gerrish's book is one that I will read, recommend, and refer to for years to come!"
Jenna McCarthy, Shape magazine

"Inspirational...packed with reasonable advice...recommended!"
Library Journal

"This book is geared toward anyone who has tried to make a lifestyle change in the past, without success. Gerrish outlines every fitness obstacle that you can imagine and offers practical solutions. There are also a variety of personal stories included which readers can relate to. Highly interactive with an abundance of exercises and quizzes to help readers connect with the information provided, while discovering more about themselves."
Oxygen magazine, "Best Sellers," Sept./Oct. 1999

"Michael Gerrish is extraordinarily equipped and fit for the vital task of beefing up our physical and metaphysical fitness, mental health, and spiritual well-being. This book will make an authentic contribution to the field of mind/body fitness."
Lama Surya Das, author of 'Awakening the Buddha Within and Awakening to the Sacred'

"What distinguishes this book from titles like it is its approach. Gerrish, who is a fitness trainer and psychotherapist, calls it 'getting fit from the inside out.' He believes that many people don't succeed, not because they are lazy or lack stick-to-it-iveness, but because of underlying psychological, biochemical, and physiological problems. This books lays out some simple strategies for overcoming what he calls 'UFOs' (Unidentified Fitness Obstacles). It also includes a wealth of client stories that should provide some 'a-ha' moments for readers."
Merrimack Valley Sunday, April, 1999

"When it comes to getting in shape, there are plenty of books around to show you what to do. But how many offer advice to those of us who keep falling short of our goals? When Working Out Isn't Working Out is the first book to help us figure out why we fail and what to do about it."
One Spirit Book Club, September, 1999

"Looking for encouragement? Exercise physiologist Michael Gerrish says overcoming hurdles is the key to succeeding with a fitness routine. He calls them UFOs - unidentified fitness obstacles - and defines them as emotional and physical blocks. His book provides plenty of quizzes to help readers identify their psychological, biochemical, physical, and nutritional UFOs."
The Columbus Dispatch, June, 1999

"The thinking person's workout - good, all-around therapy for the fitness-challenged."
Joan Duncan Oliver, editor of New Age magazine

"Gerrish identifies a huge range of UFOs, including repressed anger, genetic limitations, societal pressure about appearance, improper food combining, misaligned joints, overexercising, depression-induced lethargy, wiggly boundaries, premenstrual syndrome, and attention-deficit disorder, among many others. His book includes many quizzes to self-diagnose and checklists of ways to remedy each problem."
Denver Post, June, 1999

"I want to share something wonderful with you. I suggested your book to one of my clients. We had a session today and she said it 'changed her life!' My client said that she was enlightened, moved, and excited as she read your book and still is! Thank you, Michael, for your gift to my client and I'm sure many others."
Rich Fettke, author of "Extreme Success"

"If you've never quite been able to fit fitness into your life, When Working Out Isn't Working Out may be your ticket to a healthier, happier existence."
Amazon.com "What We're Reading"

"You will be hard pressed to find a more diligent and talented individual in his field. Mike has been able to answer all of my questions, both as a player and a coach."
Mike Milbury, former NHL defenseman and head coach of the Boston Bruins and New York Islanders.

"Gerrish offers a wide variety of sound suggestions for identifying what he calls unidentified fitness obstacles - the mental and physical barriers that keep us from pursuing a healthier lifestyle that includes exercise. His book is full of little quizzes and lists to help you identify what will motivate you and what might be holding you back. Gerrish includes many examples of how clients have overcome their barriers to getting healthy and strong, mentally and physically."
Claudia Perry, Newark Star-Ledger, November, 1999

"Mike is a fine teacher and has tremendous rapport with his clients."
Peter Giunta, Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Coach, 2000 Super Bowl Champion St. Louis Rams

"Gerrish's book addresses more than just the physical aspects of getting in shape. Rather than offer a get-thin-quick scheme, he provides a long-term plan. Rather than offer a magic pill, he helps readers conquer their blocks."
Windsor Star, February 2000

"No two bodies are the same, and there's no one exercise programme that's right for everyone. U.S. based fitness trainer Michael Gerrish tells you how to find the one that suits you best by identifying UFOs (Unidentified Fitness Obstacles)."
The London Observer, January 2000

"Perhaps Gerrish's most interesting contribution to fitness literature is the concept of UFOs, or Unidentified Fitness Obstacles - physical and psychological hindrances to achieving fitness goals. Although there are hundreds of how-to books on fitness, I have come across few, if any, that deal with the underlying barriers that often lead to failure. When Working Out Isn't Working Out is an excellent resource for anyone who has ever fallen off the fitness wagon."
K. Scavone, Medformation.com, Editor's Choice

"Michael Gerrish is uniquely qualified to write this book. As an exercise physiologist, personal fitness trainer, and psychotherapist, he has direct experience in understanding the connection between our minds and bodies. Gerrish and his valuable book may help you make permanent changes by identifying not just the symptoms of obstacles, but the sources."
Tara Fatemi, Austin Fit Magazine