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Seated or Supine Leg Press (Machine)

1.   Select a weight that you're able to use for six to ten reps with strict form.

2.  Adjust the seat back (forward or back) to allow for a full movement range.

3.   Adjust the seat so there is minimal stress on your lower back (in general, the seat back angle should be about 45 degrees).

4.   Lie back on the seat and place your hands very lightly on the grips.

5.   Place your feet on the foot plate; they should be centered, with both feet flat.

6.   Adjust your foot position; your feet should be roughtly 12 inches apart. To direct more stress to your inner thighs, move your feet farther apart.

7.   While keeping your buttocks and lower back in contact with the seat, extend your legs very slowly (don't hold your breath — exhale as you press).

8.   Stop once your legs are extended to roughly three-fourths of a full movement range (past this point, there is minimal stress on your thighs and more on your knees).

9.   Inhale and slowly lower the weight with your feet kept flat on the plate.

10.   Lower the weight as much as you can without overstressing your knees. Also, stop if you find it hard to keep from arching your back.

11.   Repeat until you reach failure (you can't perform any more reps with strict form).

Other Key Points and Reminders

  Don't bow or spread your knees — make sure you keep them aligned with your feet.
  To start the first rep without stressing your back, push down on your thighs with your hands.

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