“Groundbreaking… the first book to address all — and we mean ALL — of the mental and physical obstacles that prevent people from getting in shape. This plan just might be your breakthrough, too.”

“The Mind-Body Makeover Project may be the consummate health book for 2003. It’s obvious the author is experienced and it’s refreshing that he doesn’t overwhelm the reader with ‘technispeak.’ Answering the sets of questions (re: Unidentified Fitness Obstacles) are worth your time. The results can be most revealing.”

“If you’re tired of the multitude of advice books on how to work out or lose weight that over promise and don’t deliver, here’s one that just might work. In The Mind-Body Makeover Project (McGraw-Hill) fitness guru Michael Gerrish doesn’t mince words. A 12-week makeover plan begins with a list of no less than 58 “UFO’s” (Unidentified Fitness Obstacles) revealed in the form of a comprehensive test. Having identified his or her individual problem, the reader is directed to address such obstacles through recommendations and helpful books and websites. The plan then moves into action with an easy-to-learn exercise program that can be performed at a gym or home, plus nutritional guidelines. Last, in a reality-based chronicle, seven “fitness-impaired” individuals are closely monitored as they proceed through the makeover project. Personal journal entries candidly register successes and setbacks as the participants proceed. It’s quite a revelation.”

“Recommended for people who struggle with weight loss and are ready to look at the bigger picture.”

“The Mind Body Makeover Project” is a pithy and nicely packaged guide that takes a whole body (and mind) approach to fitness and health. This book is gentle, positive, and full of good, sound advice. While there’s no shortage of books to help you make yourself over, this very good looking and comprehensive guide is one of the better ones.”

“So many of us want to lose weight and get fit but there’s a serious slip between the cup and the lip. In this phenomenal new book you’ll finally discover what stands between you and the healthy self waiting to emerge. Not only is this program body changing, it’s life changing!”

“Original, comprehensive, and provocative, this groundbreaking book will challenge all of your current notions about the best and fastest ways to get fit. It offers solutions for problems most people don’t even know they have!”

“The Mind Body Makeover Project takes an individualized and integrative approach to losing weight and creating optimum health. It’s refreshing to see that a fitness expert has finally addressed the intimate connection between our mind, body, emotions, and lifestyle choices. Gerrish’s well-rounded, sensible approach is the only true way to create long-lasting health and wellness.”